Marmi Bacci


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Marmi Bacci S.r.l. is based in Pietrasanta, in the heart of the Versilia area of Tuscany. It has been a leader in the supply of precious white and coloured marbles, onyxes with brilliant tones, and light- and dark-blue granite.

More generally, the company boasts a huge range of beautiful flooring and facing materials suitable for the most prestigious homes, villas and hotels.

Forty years of experience in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

Our care in choosing the best blocks; our huge range of available materials; our special showroom to welcome customers in a friendly atmosphere and show them how the various materials look when finished and polished; our willingness to also deliver finished products. Marmi Bacci of Pietrasanta has set itself apart for over forty years with its experience and professionalism, qualities which the company displays day in, day out.

Make yourself comfortable – you're one of the family here.

Our customers begin by hoping to find a supplier of quality materials. They go home pleased to have discovered competent people who make them feel at home. This is the experience of those who go to Marmi Bacci in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, for the first time. And it is the same feeling they get every time they go back. The staff and owners' cordiality and helpfulness is by now legendary – it is one of the strong points of this company which has been a recognised leader for decades in sales of marble, granite, onyx, quartzite, travertine and semi-precious stone.

Prestigious materials for your ambitious projects.

Marmi Bacci® puts all materials through a rigorous selection procedure before they make it to the yard. Only careful selection of the best cuts from the most beautiful blocks allows us to guarantee a high-quality service to our customers, products you can “buy with your eyes closed”. And if you need a finished product instead – no problem! Bacci works with the best craftsmen in the area to offer you made-to-measure items.